It Could Have Been Worse – A Lot Worse.

The setup was terrible, with falling commodities, a downbeat Asian session, and junk jitters weighing on sentiment.


Albert Edwards Hears ‘Rustlings Of Discontent’, Says You Agree With Him That ‘This Will End Badly’

“Many of these same investors, however, tend to agree with us on a two year view that things are likely to end very badly.”

Nobody Panic About Junk Bonds Because What’s The Worst That Could Happen?

I’m not entirely sure what to make of the commentary on this. There’s no “right” way to write about it. It’s almost a “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil,” type of deal. 

Monday, Monday.

The fireworks started in Japan and that’s where they ended.

Clean Up Your Damn Junk: Full Week Ahead Preview

“This is the big one, Elizabeth!”

Does The Junk Bond Rout Prove Big-Cap Tech Is Detached From Reality?

“So maybe it’s not so much that equities are out of synch with high yield, as much as it is”…

Watch The Throne.

What happens over the weekend no longer remains confined to the weekend.

Stocks Tried To Lie To Jeff Gundlach – And You Can’t Lie To Jeff Gundlach

In the end, the “truth” will prevail.

Flies In The Ointment.

“Well in a low vol world, yesterday was fascinating and a small shock to the system.”

A Truly Taxing Day.

Thursday, bloody Thursday.

‘Great Again’

Are we there yet?

Here Are A Bunch Of Scary Charts For Halloween.

“The only thing to fear is fear itself.”

Stark Raving Mad.

“Let me in.”

‘It Has Been Too Long’: Junk Heaven

“It has been too long. Way too long by the standards of its predecessors, and yet this credit cycle still shows few signs of an impending turn.”

El-Erian: You’re Betting On Three Things – Even If You Don’t Know It

“If you are adding to your long-term holdings of stocks and other risk assets at current market valuations, you are likely to be betting — knowingly or not — on a combination of three drivers of future returns; or you are planning to sell your holdings to someone who is or will be making that bet.”