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Junk ETFs Stress Tested, Reflation Bled Dry And Other Thoughts As Things Go From Bad To Worse

A visual (and narrative) odyssey.

A visual (and narrative) odyssey.
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6 comments on “Junk ETFs Stress Tested, Reflation Bled Dry And Other Thoughts As Things Go From Bad To Worse

  1. Reading Ian Hunt’s ‘Culture’ series. On book 3, “Use of Weapons” which chronicles an endless series of wars and special circumstances, economies, religions and tragedies on a dozen worlds thousands of light years in the apart, each eerily familiar in disfunction and absurdity to our little sliver of time on this blue dot, dominated by sociopaths and the faithful that love them, in a death spiral of nihilism…

    Have a great Newton Day on Monday. Maybe a ritual to Newton can bring reason back to this chaos. That said, and in honor of Newton, Warden of the Mint, my stupid gold positions of all things, are up 10% since September. Which is really really depressing…

  2. Politics do not drive the credit markets – Central Banks do. Your website continues to put a false narrative in place to rationalize your personal political position. The seeds for this downturn in the high yield credit market were sown long ago – a process that took 10 years, with the last 4 being a worldwide credit party of epic proportions. The main question your readers should want to know, which I assume you don’t have a clue, is how deep with the asset valuation drop be, and how long will the selling persist. For the answer, history will be your best guide, not politics.

    • Lighten up, Daniel. The author is not over-politicizing the matter … He simply recognizes an idiot when he sees one. Too bad more in this country do not possess that ability.

    • Harvey Cotton

      How would anybody, Heisenberg and history included, possibly know what any asset valuation drop will be and for how long?

      • Daniel doesn’t understand that I am a university-trained political scientist.He also doesn’t understand the nexus between this administration and U.S. monetary policy. He also doesn’t understand credit. But that’s fine, because what he does understand is how to enter my URL in his browser and click “Enter”, so he can still learn.

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