In Asia: A Sea Of Red On Tuesday

The screens are red. Might need to reboot.


Bloody Thursday In Asia As H-Shares Snap Historic Streak, Japan Dives

But hey, who cares, right? After all: “America first”.

Money Laundering.

What to say about Tuesday? Well, a lot actually.

Storm The Castle.

Grab a pitchfork.

Are You Paying Attention To Hong Kong? Because I’m Paying Attention To Hong Kong

H-shares: best week in 18 months.

Soooo… Can I Still Go Golfing?

Is it Friday yet?

More Records Smashed In Hong Kong As China Data Emboldens Bulls

It’s just one right after another, day after day after day.

Everything Was Going Great Until…

It was not to be…

There’s A Crazy Ass Party Going On In Hong Kong Shares – Were You Invited?

It’s a celebration.

It’s Over: The Hang Seng’s Record-Breaking Run Snapped On Monday

All good things…

Chinese Checkers.

Headlines aplenty.

Hell Hath No (Fire And) Fury.

Up, up and away, but remember…

Is This The Ultimate Market Irony Of 2017?

“America first?”

Oh, The Humanity! Asian Shares Dive As Tech Wreck Wreaks Havoc On Hong Kong

Well on Wednesday, things got worse – and materially so. 

Tech Rout Hits Hong Kong (Again) As Tencent Extends Worrying Slide

Keep an eye on this – in an increasingly interconnected and interdependent global market, these tech selloffs are demonstrating a propensity to spread quickly. And there’s some poetic justice in that, right? After all, tech is all about connecting the world.