Author: therealheisenberg


‘The Question At This Point’ Is Who’s Going To Jail

“From now on, ignore the conventional wisdom about how the Russia scandal is not “resonating” with President Trump’s still-loyal base. The question at this point is what strikes a chord with special counsel Robert S. Mueller III — and what kind of legal jeopardy Trump’s closest associates, including his eldest son and son-in-law, might eventually face.”


The Problem Isn’t That Trump Knows Nothing, It’s That He Wants To Know Nothing

“To be sure, the Trump presidency’s overt disdain for intellect did not arise in an historical vacuum. Rather, it was made possible by an underlying and longstanding cultural loathing of “mind.” Even in our best universities, where I taught international law for almost half a century (Princeton and Purdue), the headlong abandonment of intellect for commerce has been shameless and undisguised.”


The Greatest Danger To America: The Politicization Of Facts

“The president’s refusal to affirm the intelligence community’s findings pushes that analysis toward the realm of political subjectivity. These data might also reflect Americans’ distrust of institutional authority more broadly—a tendency that pollster Guy Molyneux characterizes as one of the “least appreciated” characteristics of the American electorate.”