Feldman: SCOTUS Trying To “Wiggle Out” Of Ruling On Trump’s Travel Ban

"The justices would really like to avoid ruling on the travel ban altogether. They'd like to make the case go away."

"The justices would really like to avoid ruling on the travel ban altogether. They'd like to make the case go away."
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3 comments on “Feldman: SCOTUS Trying To “Wiggle Out” Of Ruling On Trump’s Travel Ban

  1. Anonymous

    well, Marty, are you reading this one!?! I seem to have a popular opinion. This paragraph from above lays it all out, complete with links to echo my prior comments: “The court’s opinion was scrupulous about trying to avoid any comment on how the case would turn out, with regard to whether the parties challenging the travel ban have cause to do so or on the merits of their arguments. Two appeals courts have ruled against the ban, one by saying that anti-Muslim discrimination was the guiding force behind the executive order, the other by saying Trump did not provide a valid national security reason for it. The Supreme Court on Monday focused on the extent of the stay put in place by the lower courts — and that’s where the compromise came.”

    Literally every one of my points are in this one paragraph: attack on freedom of religion, based on hate, no national security reason to support his position, and he lied about the reason for the travel ban. Yep, they made a mistake by not shutting it down today.

    And now we hear Trump tooting his horn about the decision and lying about it being a unanimous decision in his favor proving he was right all along and even thinks he should get an apology. Ass.

    – Murphy

  2. SCOTUS merely got the WH off their ass about the Trump ban. They did this by couching their comments so Trump could claim his ban had some kind of merit and his not too bright followers would buy it – and SCOTUS could go on to decisions of actual legal substance.

    In reality – by SCOTUS exempting everyone with a demonstrable connection to the US (business, familial, educational, etc.) the Trump blanket ban (both versions) was effectively dismissed for all intent and purposes. Since the vast majority of the respective visa applicants involved typically have demonstrable connections to the US, they are still totally unaffected by Trump ban as if it never existed – and that’s what SCOTUS is talking about. Consequently, SCOTUS effectively neutered for all practical purposes Trump’s blanket bans and if any thing speaks to rulings of the future of the bans – its the exemptions to the ban SCOTUS made today. In spite of the embarssing Republican ass kissing by Justice Thomas, SCOTUS did well for themselves today.

    Of course Trump isn’t bright enough to figure this all out so he will continue to Tweet about this being a legal victory to his uninformed followers. For those who examine the SCOTUS play on Trump today, we see they also quietly schooled the Trump WH by showing them that they can play better politics than the WH – not that such a bench mark is that challenging.

  3. Anonymous

    D., I don’t care. I don’t like it. And Clarence Thomas should have gone to hell in 1991, compliments Anita Hill. And playing with Trump is not a game. As long as he sits in the WH, he is a threat to our country.

    As of only a few minutes ago, Trump is now making noise that sounds like a threat to attack Syria.

    – Murphy

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