Yen Slides Against All G-10 Peers As Abe Seeks 2 Trillion Stimulus Package

“The prime minister plans to instruct related ministers to announce 2 trillion yen of new economic measures within the year after announcing the change in consumption tax increase at the economic and fiscal advisory council on the 25th.”


NYT: ‘Mr. Trump, You Have Squandered The World’s Trust’

“The North’s leader, Kim Jong-un, is erratic and frightening, but why would it help matters to eliminate any confidence Mr. Kim might have in Mr. Trump’s word?”

‘Shall I Go Thermonuclear?’ The Week That Was And A Market Vignette

“The room fell silent, the enormity of this unexpected crisis sinking in.”

Angela Merkel Victorious, But Coalition Prospects, AfD Performance Raise Concerns

Leader of the free world.

Sleep: The Final Frontier

“As with other inventions that spread from military to civilian life—for instance penicillin, microwaves, nylon—the next logical step would be to produce sleepless workers and sleepless consumers.”

Euro Falls After German Election Raises More Questions Than It Answers

“…most likely you will get some Swiss franc support on the back of those results.”

‘This Looks Less Market-Friendly Than Expected’: Will German Results Weigh On Euro?

To be sure, this looks like it will hit the euro in early trading. The single currency will likely knee-jerk lower against both the yen and the franc and you can expect to see a flight-to-safety bid in fixed income.

Steve Mnuchin Thinks Maybe Free Speech Is Something You Do ‘On Your Own Time’

You can bet this is far from over and Steve Mnuchin just made things immeasurably worse.

27 Mental Health Experts Wrote A Book About Trump: Here’s An Interview With One Of Them

“There will not be a book published this fall more urgent, important, or controversial than The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, the work of 27 psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health experts to assess President Trump’s mental health.”

‘They Won’t Be Here Much Longer!’ Trump Says He’ll Destroy North Korea, Threatens To Fire NFL Players

Paging John Kelly, paging John Kelly…

‘The Results Look Pretty Bleak’

You have been warned (again) (and again) (and again).

Former FBI Agent ‘Invites You To Consider Another Possibility’ On Paul Manafort

“…but that’s because it was happening somewhere else.”

Trump, GOP ‘Phenomenal’ Tax Plan Leaked: Here Are The Details

“Big league?”

Trump Will Fire Mueller – Here’s What Happens After That

“In the scenario outlined above, in which Trump faces, at the very worst, impeachment without removal, he won’t have completely undone the norms, but he will have eroded them. His tenure will have moved the line of the conceivable.”

Transparency: The Dark Side

Ok, who’s ready to take another look behind the “fourth wall?”