Here Is What Goldman Sees For The Economy And Fed Hikes In 2018

Crystal ball.


‘So They’ll Bleed’: Here Are The Winners And Losers From Trump’s ‘Middle Class’ Tax Cut

And you know what? It won’t matter.

Mnuchin On Whether He And Louise Linton Are James Bond Villains: ‘It’s A Compliment’

If you’re like everyone else in America, you’ve got some questions for Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin.

Paul Krugman On The GOP’s Final Middle Finger To The Middle Class

“Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose; in the GOP’s case, that means the freedom to be the party of, by, and for oligarchs they always wanted to be.”

‘We’re Not Stupid’: Top General Says He Would Not Let Trump Launch Illegal Nuke Strike

“We’re not stupid people. We think about these things a lot.”

‘Anything Without A Cusip’

Does that ring a bell? It should.

Panic Time! Turkey Launches Investigation Into Preet Bharara As Zarrab Debacle Spirals Out Of Control

This is what panic looks like.

‘Stick ‘Em Up!’ $100 Billion To Be Recovered In Saudi Crackdown, Probe Widens To Military Officers

“Stick ’em up you rascals!” 

Sour Note.

Well, an eventful week ended on a sour note, which is a shame for the bulls because Thursday was a barnburner. 

You Can’t Make This Up

You can’t make this shit up!

‘Rational Exuberance’ – Which Is An Oxymoron

“It has become progressively difficult to say something new.”

A ‘Golden’ Opportunity: Mueller, Flynn, Trump And The Case Of Reza Zarrab

This opens all kinds of doors.

Exodus: U.S. Funds See 3rd Largest Junk Outflow On Record

Just how nervous did folks get during the junk bond rout that finally took a breather when spreads tightened materially on Thursday?

‘Freudian Retweet’: Department Of Defense Accidentally Endorses Call For Trump To Resign

“Operator error”.

We’re All Doomed: Bitcoin Boy Band Edition

“I know a lot about Bitcoin.”