Tesla Teases ‘Accelerated’ New Model Launch As Revenue Dives

"We experienced numerous challenges in Q1," Tesla said on Tuesday afternoon in the US. It was an understatement. As discussed at some length here ahead of the company's results, Elon Musk managed to sow quite a bit of confusion (Bloomberg called it "chaos") over the last several months as Tesla fought to stabilize sales and cut costs. As expected, revenue growth went into reverse last quarter. Sales of $21.3 billion missed estimates and fell 9%. That was the worst decline in nearly a dozen yea

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4 thoughts on “Tesla Teases ‘Accelerated’ New Model Launch As Revenue Dives

  1. Elon deliberately went and pissed off his core customer base with his twitter debacle. Best illustration of “Pride goeth before destruction”

  2. I drive by my KC Tesla dealer regularly and right now its lot is glutted with hundreds of unsold cars (all white or black). Biggest inventory ever.

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