Roast Peasant

I suppose this goes without saying, but if you find yourself in Pyongyang begging for weapons, something's gone wrong. You made some poor choices. Now you're at a banquet with the Kims. The room's cavernous but somehow it's still claustrophobic. His generals are there. Dozens of them. They're even more decrepit in person. You nudge Sergey with your left elbow, cup your right hand over your mouth and whisper in his ear: "They're starving." "Hmm?" "The f--king generals, Lav, they're starving." "M

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10 thoughts on “Roast Peasant

  1. For a second I could’ve sworn this was the plot of the movie that came up in my Tubi autoplay rotation late last night. But then I realized Claire Danes was in that, and there are no female characters in this.

  2. Cold War I was won by the West through economic might – the USSR’s economy essentially couldn’t keep up with the defense race at an acceptable economic cost. Now for Cold War II. Russia under Putin is more willing to deprive its civilian economy but also has less economic reserve capacity – witness Putin begging Kim for artillery shells. Russia’s best weapon now is propaganda and political disinformation to disorganize the West; if the West can counter that and stay focused, it and its allies (here’s looking at you, South Korea) can outproduce Russia in every manner of weapon and munition in short order. If Ukraine’s forces are amply supplied, Russia’s losses can rise through 1MM, 2MM, etc (that’s dead, so some multiple of that for severe injuries), Russia will lose the war, and Putin will likely not survive that. China is a different and much greater challenge, but may take some lesson from what it sees happening to Russia.

    1. But the “West” is imploding- UK is in chaos, the survival of the euro/EU is going to be tested not only in France but by immigration throughout the EU, the US might be about ready to elect a morally deficient person who thinks he is above the constitution.
      All of these countries want to print lots of currency. I am just hoping this is a slow motion implosion.

      1. “Printing lots of currency” doesn’t have anything to do with anything. And France can’t print currency. Is there any amount of “currency” the US can “print” that’s going to make you want to convert your life savings to rubles?

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