Buy Gold To Hedge Republican Election Sweep, One Bank Says

Naturally, the GOP would have you believe that if Joe Biden's reelected, or if Democrats win more sway on Capitol Hill, inflation will worsen anew and America's fiscal credibility will suffer further. Maybe that's true maybe it isn't, but when you think about the Republican agenda -- which at this point's synonymous with Donald Trump's agenda -- it looks pretty inflationary to me. And there's exactly nothing in it to suggest the GOP intends to put forward a serious, credible plan to address wha

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18 thoughts on “Buy Gold To Hedge Republican Election Sweep, One Bank Says

  1. I bought a sailboat capable of sailing across oceans to hedge the possibility of Trump winning the election.

    1. Did you already register it as a US vessel? If you want to be “anonymous”, you might consider registration in Bikini, Marshall Islands (they have offices in the US).

    2. Sailboats are great, but in the last pandemic many were unable to enter the lovely ports otherwise accessible in them. Who knows what might happen with a worldwide outbreak of the virulent Trump magavirus…?

  2. Trump’s proposals are Stagflationary. Tariffs are a consumption tax. Trump is not a true populist unless you think schwartzman, dimon, ackman are regular voters..a better characterization of his proposals are bad policy and regressive. Except for the blatant nativism it is hard to say Trump is a populist.

    1. I spoke with some British politicians once about Trump Populism after 2016. I said to them I do not know what you mean by populism, but he did not win a majority of the vote. They said the word populism implied winning a majority of the vote. What we had then is he won a majority of the electoral college, not the people. Therefore he always was and always will be a minority candidate not a populist.

    2. Honestly, is that not a No True Scotsman fallacy?

      Without saying that Trump is as bad as Hitler or whatever, this program is pure 1930s fascism, except for the lack of a clear industrial component. Like, Trump seems to think that closing the borders to foreign goods will be enough to stimulate US substitution by magic. Hitler, Franco and Mussolini were a bit more forceful there.

      And, for the record, the top industrialists of the 30s were usually able to come to terms with the fascists so nothing new there.

  3. I expect we are very likely to end up with a split government: House and presidency to the Dems, Senate to the Reps. Given that, I expect no stimulus (tax cuts or spending) and bonds to outperform as the Fed is the only game in town as the economy slows.

    If Trump does pull off another coup and has the House and Senate at his disposal, I’d still expect bonds to outperform as he’ll go full Erdogan and install puppets in the Fed who are tasked with cutting interest rates, inflation be damned.

  4. It is heartening that some rational minds are laying out reasonable risks of the upcoming election. This is focused on the peaceful transition event. The Roger Stone version of power assumption will throw us further for a loop.

  5. I’m surprised how unperturbed and nonchalant everyone here is.

    Either you are the smart ones or this is a replay of Germany in the 1930s.

    1. Really what can a person do? We have one vote and one mouth. We might convince a few others but really the best way to convince is quiet and firm resistance.

      I am in a borderline area and I think I am most effective when helping others realize there is great economic potential in the future, optimism crushes the burn it all down mentality. I also tell the people talking of civil war that never in the history of man has the privileged class revolted against the tyranny of the poor, thereby dismissing the tough talk of 80 year olds who talk of civil war but could not dig their own fox hole. Now if the homeless poor in the cities were talking of civil war then we would have a problem.

      Getting angry will not convince another person. Only by seeing a rock of sense and optimism do people waver in their radicalism.

      Wall street and CEO’s have a much bigger megaphone and pulpit from which to command respect than I ever will have. So all I feel I can do is to support efforts to recognize and rationalize risks.

      We can also hope the Dolly Parton’s and Taylor Swifts of the world help us out. Certainly there is only so much they can do, but supporting them is job one.

      Biden by leaving law enforcement to do what they do, is quietly gathering every word, keystroke and angry statement. Even Roger Stone and Alito are being recorded in person. With modern surveillance techniques like sensing window vibrations we can listen in without a microphone. So no I do not think the risk is like Hitler’s Germany, there are wanna be Himmlers like Steven Miller and Bannon, but they are going to find their support ranks to be filled with undercover types. Even the orange one is by this time fully surrounded by undercover types. If they dare mobilize there will be arrests and these ‘good’ people will be in prison just like Jan. 6 participants. Win at the ballot box is however an imperative.

      1. I’d like to disagree on your assessment of the roots of civil wars. Plenty of times the upper classes have rebelled to preserve their privileges. More often than not, they lost coz there is a lot less of them (“quantity has a quality all of its own”, as Clausewitz puts it) but they are eternally optimistic that superior breeding will translate into superior battlefield performance…

        1. I like this counterpoint. My resource on this is from successful revolutions, so indeed I could be misplaced in my rhetoric. Accuracy is important to me.

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