With Twitter Deal, Musk Vies For Surveillance Capitalist Crown

Surveillance capitalism operates through unprecedented asymmetries in knowledge and the power that accrues to knowledge. Surveillance capitalists know everything about us, whereas their operations are designed to be unknowable to us. They accumulate vast domains of new knowledge from us, but not for us. They predict our futures for the sake of others' gain, not ours. -- Shoshana Zuboff, The Age of Surveillance Capitalism Elon Musk acquired Twitter on Monday, making a mockery of... well, pre

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10 thoughts on “With Twitter Deal, Musk Vies For Surveillance Capitalist Crown

    1. Every democracy should have its free speech filtered through one man, and he might as well be the most vocal or deemed so by being the richest.
      At least the US is a republic, and there’s still a chance things get regulated by the powers that be and their survival instinct instead of the average twitter user who might vote every 4 years.

  1. Elon Musk does admirable work with electric cars, saving and retaining the planet’s livability, and sending rockets to space. He’s a most intelligent and capable engineer.

    H, in response to one of your earlier posts at the time Musk began pawing at Twitter, I said he is a flawed human being, as much, if not more so, than the rest of us. I said Elon was probably over his head. I think he is mistaken if he thinks he just buy this thing and let every jackass yell “Fire!”

    I think Elon can judge what he himself can say reasonably well. He can also build precisely engineered, magnificent rockets and electric vehicles. But he cannot engineer human speech and its consequences. He is buying something that will bite him back. I am concerned that he is not well-suited to handle this.

  2. What will happen to those vocal Tesla shorts, or vocal pro-Blue Origin influencers?

    I can see how any prominent or impactful anti-Musk sentiment will become low-ranking.

    Also, if you’re hiring software engineers, I’m sure you’ll get a wave of applicants from Twitter: no upside to your RSOs plus you’ll have to protect and promote trumpista blabber.

  3. Prediction: He’ll let Trump back on the platform within a month. Why? Because that dude is the biggest draw for his new toy and he wants to grow profits. Also “free speech” which seems to tacitly mean “no accountability” these days.

  4. Well, one thing we know with relative certainty: Trump will suck up to (and usually try to grift) anyone with money. Since Musk has more of that than anyone, in retrospect I only wonder why this didn’t happen sooner. My prediction: once Trump is reestablished on Twitter, Musk will take his next marching orders and seek to rid the planet of the existential threat that is windmills.

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