One Pro Reveals His ‘Just To Get Myself Into Trouble’ Trade

One Pro Reveals His ‘Just To Get Myself Into Trouble’ Trade

This is my “buying a hedge in another market just to get myself into trouble” trade. [Editor’s note: The following excerpts are from a longer piece by Kevin Muir, formerly head of equity derivatives at RBC Dominion and better known for his exploits as “The Macro Tourist.” The full piece is available exclusively to his subscribers. Those interested can check out the new MacroTourist here.] I'm sure you've heard market pundits express concern about the US dollar. It’s not uncommon fo
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3 thoughts on “One Pro Reveals His ‘Just To Get Myself Into Trouble’ Trade

  1. I’m just a guy in the balcony who drops peanut shells on the floor. Honestly, I do. Doesn’t it make sense that maybe FX might be one of the next two or three next big thing “assets” once the last hand forged steak fork is stuck into the bond bull?

    Unless one is a pension fund, with such charter requiring some percent UST, or a retail rube, present company excluded, who is going to want to be in bonds?

    I say let some UST go negative. A last hoorah. Then, I’ll see if I can re-open my EverBank account and buy Icelandic króna.

  2. There was an article on FT recently talking about how the Eurozone is pushing to break off of USD commodity trades such as focusing on euro denominated trading of oil instead of WTI. If this comes to fruition wouldn’t this massively strengthen the Euro since they wouldn’t be borrowing in dollars? I could be misunderstanding this narrative…

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