One Bad Red Hed (Where The Two Americas Meet)

One Bad Red Hed (Where The Two Americas Meet)

"On balance, I am comfortable with our current policy stance,” Atlanta Fed boss Raphael Bostic said Monday, in remarks for SIFMA’s Annual Meeting, held virtually. "Though the US economy continues to show clear signs of recovery, there remain significant portions where the recovery has been weak or nonexistent," he added. Got that? There are areas of the country where there is no recovery -- "V-shaped" or otherwise. Nobody told Larry Kudlow, but as it turns out, inequality of all sorts is,
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One thought on “One Bad Red Hed (Where The Two Americas Meet)

  1. To sloppily paraphrase Yuval Harari, humans are timid marrow eaters with an innate scarcity mentality. Maybe some will relate to ‘I’ve got mine so screw you’. There are so many belief systems, religious and otherwise, that espouse some form of ‘we are only as good as the least among us’. Noble sentiment, but it’s never been able to overcome basic human nature. In the final analysis those of us who have will always put most of our effort into keeping it instead of fighting for an equal distribution for all. I am guilty as charged.

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