Nothing Is A Panacea

Nothing Is A Panacea

Tuesday was the ostensible "deadline" for The White House to meet Nancy Pelosi's demands if Donald Trump wants to celebrate a comprehensive stimulus deal before the election. The cutoff date -- effectively set Saturday by Pelosi's spokesman Drew Hammill and reinforced by the speaker on Sunday -- was meant to inject a sense of urgency into the talks and pressure Mnuchin into acquiescing to a laundry list of unmet demands. Trump, of course, insists that no amount of stimulus is "too much" as far
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One thought on “Nothing Is A Panacea

  1. A fiscal deal before the election would be a market shock? Yet, if you knew it was coming there would be the normal parsing about whether it was significant enough and more importantly whether it would matter one iota when it came to adjusting bond, fx, and equity positioning

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