The (Corporate) World According To COVID-19

The (Corporate) World According To COVID-19

Of 345 publicly-traded companies in the US with market caps greater than $25 billion, 43 of them logged a trailing, 12-month cumulative loss as of October 13. That figure (43) is more than triple the comparable total from January. This isn't just a consequence of plunging profits due to the pandemic. It's also a reflection of how changes in work arrangements and consumer behavior have shifted the operating environment in favor of companies that benefit from digitization and virtual interaction
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One thought on “The (Corporate) World According To COVID-19

  1. I love this Kocic line “In a debt driven economy, the art of central banking is a technology of decelerating breakdown.” I felt that way about the Obama administration, they were practicing the art of decelerating the decline of our nation’s hegemonic power. And, mind all, did a credible job of it.

    Re oil, it’s not going away. Consumption was at, what, ~85Mbpd pre pandemic. All the ESG, flying electric cars, melting ice sheets, and irreversible climate change aside, oil will be back, albeit on a lower trend line. When vaunted investors refer to the “energy sector,” they mean oil, and it’s shaping up to be a trade of a lifetime.

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