Goldman: Dollar May Head To 2018 Lows In Democratic Sweep

Goldman: Dollar May Head To 2018 Lows In Democratic Sweep

On the off chance you were confused as to what factors will influence FX over the fourth quarter, Goldman says the US election and the evolution of the vaccine push are paramount. Clearly, there's ambiguity on both fronts. Odds are, a vaccine is coming. And odds are, Democrats will take the Senate and The White House. But those are just odds. There are no guarantees. During a virtual conference Goldman's pharmaceutical and biotech equity analysts held last week with speakers representing compa
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4 thoughts on “Goldman: Dollar May Head To 2018 Lows In Democratic Sweep

  1. It is harder to predict foreign exchange moves than even interest rates. It makes good copy for the analytical community but it is extremely difficult to trade for investors….

  2. I find it interesting that most of us are blaming the return of Paul Ryan-style focus on deficits for the Senate GOP’s seeming intransigence.

    But perhaps something else is going on. Are some GOP senators consciously or unconsciously sabotaging Trump’s reelection chances? Might they finally have reached the “enough is enough” point? They are still too beholden to Trump’s blindly devoted base to explicitly turn on the president but sabotaging his chances on the basis of good old-fashioned Republican values may be giving them just enough cover. Clever if true.

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