Tragicomedy And The GOAT Rally

"Consumer sentiment has remained trendless in the same depressed range it has traveled during the past five months", Richard Curtin, chief economist for the University of Michigan's consumer sentiment survey, wrote Friday. The gauge printed 74.1 in the final reading for August, not materially different from the preliminary read. Curtin's assessment was generally downbeat. The headline index now sits just 0.4 points above the April to July average, he noted, adding that "although strong gains i

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3 thoughts on “Tragicomedy And The GOAT Rally

  1. Do you honestly think trump will expand his votes? Lil trump won by 85k or so votes in ’16 with D turnout not great. Suburban educated woman are disgusted, educated men are leaning away to some degree. Many uneducated white males have seen troubles and Biden does appeal to their economic interests.

    I know the incumbent etc but the logic just doesn’t add to me. Biden and Harris are really safe for the above mentioned groups.

  2. I shudder to think that Americans might be duped to vote for the corrupt populist in the White House again.

    As for the stock market, isn’t our economy something like 70% consumer driven. We need to save the consumer!

    1. He is not a populist and was not in 2016 if the english language definition of the word populist is used. Hillary Clinton got a majority in 2016 and Biden is likely to get a marjority in this upcoming election. Only question is whether the ‘magic’ of electoral college re-elects him.

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