‘Extreme Bullishness’: Risk Assets Vaccinated

‘Extreme Bullishness’: Risk Assets Vaccinated

For the second day in a row, risk assets are buoyant. Reports of progress in the fight against the coronavirus along with Donald Trump's partisan State of the Union address which was heavy on economic rhetoric, combined with Pete Buttigieg's strong showing in Iowa to propel US equity futures higher. In Asia, stocks rose for a second session, the first back-to-back gains in weeks. The Shanghai Composite has recovered around 2.5% of Monday's reopening plunge, even as the death toll from the viru
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2 thoughts on “‘Extreme Bullishness’: Risk Assets Vaccinated

  1. Call me skeptical. Antiviral drugs don’t typically cure an infection. They are more like a speed bump. There’s usually a window that they have to be administered, early on. And a lot of times, you can’t even tell they did anything at all. So I’d take this with a grain of salt, until we hear more details.

    If I had to guess, this is just hopeful news to combat the fear, as opposed to a true cure. You’ll be able to judge for yourself by watching to see whether they take down the quarantines. If it is indeed a miracle cure, it’ll be all over the press, production ramps up, and things will turn back to normal in short order.

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