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‘Extreme Bullishness’: Risk Assets Vaccinated

Of course, it's far too early to sound the all-clear.

Of course, it's far too early to sound the all-clear.
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2 comments on “‘Extreme Bullishness’: Risk Assets Vaccinated

  1. Kicking myself for not buying this dip. Wth was I thinking? Stocks move in one direction.

  2. Call me skeptical. Antiviral drugs don’t typically cure an infection. They are more like a speed bump. There’s usually a window that they have to be administered, early on. And a lot of times, you can’t even tell they did anything at all. So I’d take this with a grain of salt, until we hear more details.

    If I had to guess, this is just hopeful news to combat the fear, as opposed to a true cure. You’ll be able to judge for yourself by watching to see whether they take down the quarantines. If it is indeed a miracle cure, it’ll be all over the press, production ramps up, and things will turn back to normal in short order.

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