Investors Who RSVP’d For World War III Now Ditching Gold, Yen

Investors Who RSVP’d For World War III Now Ditching Gold, Yen

Safe havens are losing their figurative (and, in gold's case, literal) luster. This time last week, it looked as though the world was on the brink of an all-out conflagration in the Mideast, as Iran readied retaliatory strikes following the assassination of its most storied military commander in a US drone strike. That retaliation came, but it appeared designed to avoid inflicting casualties on US troops housed at the bases targeted by Iranian missiles. The only casualties were the 176 poor so
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4 thoughts on “Investors Who RSVP’d For World War III Now Ditching Gold, Yen

  1. For those of us who like shiny paperweights this could be a buying opportunity while we’re waiting for the world’s biggest brain to come up with another ENTIRELY POSSIBLE cataclysmic event. (No actual evidence needed.)

  2. What is happening here as described by H…. would be a predictable scenario to some… Dynamics of the Geopolitics (Iran) are back exactly as they were a month or two years (for that matter) earlier.. Possible next move is a move by the so called proxy groups as the status quo is unfavorable to either adversary in this case….Wouldn’t sell Gold except to short term profit take here…..

  3. Smart of Iran to back off a blow-by-blow with the US. There are all kinds of American weapons poised to strike Iran and Few if any poised to strike the US. Best for Iran to stand down and start planning how the proxy units can inflict pain. Lots of soft targets to go after. They still hate the US. Probably more than ever.

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