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Will They Or Won’t They? Markets Hold Breath As Iran Weighs Retribution

"In the absence of new developments"...

"In the absence of new developments"...
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4 comments on “Will They Or Won’t They? Markets Hold Breath As Iran Weighs Retribution

  1. George says:

    Simply put …..the World sends it’s wish list based on self serving principles….unless if it were to occur in their own country or one allied by treaty (NATO) of course.
    The Iranians will retaliate whether direct , indirect or by proxy matters not… Trump will over react….. false flag or not……Other than chancing alienating his base by performing a hit on Santa or the Easter Bunny you have Max damage and limited control , one side being arrogant by any standard and the other side in a no win situation…..The UN ….who is that ????

  2. Anonymous says:

    Maybe the cyber attack was an up market, but the trades won’t settle?

  3. jyl says:

    I wouldn’t think Iran will rush into a frenzy of retaliatory attacks. They will take their time, prepare well, and launch coordinated strikes. US bases, ships, consulates, companies, private citizens worldwide can’t stay on high alert indefinitely.

    In the meantime, if Iraq succeeds in expelling US forces, Iran will have won a great victory – much greater than it can get through attacks. They’d still have to launch some strikes of course.

    If the apparent calm lasts a while, we could see the markets enjoy more bounce.

    • I agree jyl, Iran will be in no hurry to retaliate. They know our forces are on edge waiting for an imminent attack and there is a high cost to that. They will wait until we get to the point of thinking “maybe they won’t retaliate?”.

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