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‘Run-Bull, Run’

"Our policy machinery is going full speed ahead".

“It’s certainly run-bull run at this point for the global markets", somebody called Terri Spath told Bloomberg TV on Monday, as US equities raced to fresh highs on the back of what was predictably described as "trade optimism". In addition to her duties as CIO of Sierra Mutual Funds, Spath is also a "money maker, picture taker and fun aunt", according to her Twitter profile. Levity aside, Terri is right - it's "run-bull run at this point", and you can cite any number of explanations from the technical (rapidly decaying hedges that need to be "puked") to the generic ("trade optimism") to the old standby (central bank accommodation). Whatever the case, global stocks are at records and they're overbought - again. I'm not going to throw any cold water on this - not right now, anyway. The US data has improved, the Fed's bar to start hiking is impossibly high and for the time being, tariff escalations are off the table. While there's no denying the path of least resistance is higher in the near-term, it's worth noting that the comments out of the Trump administration on Monday regarding the trade deal were completely asinine. The president, for example, said the deal will be fi
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1 comment on “‘Run-Bull, Run’

  1. George says:

    These type markets usually implode when everyone finally capitulates for all the best of reasons….or around the next corner or the one after that….Gets closer one day at a time by definition…but there still are a few fence straddlers also for the best of reasons

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