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S&P’s Best Run In Two Years Takes Goldman’s Momentum Indicator To All-Time High

All's well that ends with more records.

All's well that ends with more records.
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4 comments on “S&P’s Best Run In Two Years Takes Goldman’s Momentum Indicator To All-Time High

  1. Trump is obviously desperate for a “deal”. And the projection of China being desperate the bigger tell is that he is. It will be nothing in the end. No diff from before the trade war started (except for the lost growth, damaged confidence, etc).

  2. The republican messaging strategy is projection.

  3. “the markets will take whatever they can get “…. This is true as long as it is a rally or inconsequential trading action . If not one of those two options the battle between simplifiers and complicators ensues. The former will look for return the the mean around the next corner or the next corner or the one after that…..The later has the advantage because inadvertently they will try the one or two things that have never been attempted and consequently serve to levitate the markets once again…..Context can be difficult here no matter what your experience level or
    resources consist of.. Sooner or later this resolves itself and then everybody is on the same footing thanks to 20-20 hindsight… Thanking H….as always for his efforts to set parameters…

  4. I see the obvious logic of why trump should want a non-deal “Phase 1 agreement” (meaning an agreement that at best gets back to status quo from where we began). But this is trump. Since when should we expect him to be logical? He’s a sociopath. I’m trying to see the other side of why we should expect the “negotiations” to fall apart and what that would look like. A thought problem as it were.

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