Goldman: ‘The Market Is Moving From TINA To FOMO’

Goldman: ‘The Market Is Moving From TINA To FOMO’

A lackluster start to the new week notwithstanding, the market has moved from TINA to FOMO, Goldman writes, in a Monday evening note, employing two ubiquitous acronyms in the course of expressing something akin to optimism about the path forward. By now, everyone knows the story. US equities have scaled new peaks thanks to the assumption that the "legendary" dealmaker who occupies the Oval Office is on the verge of acquiescing to tariff relief for China in exchange for a set of commitments whic
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2 thoughts on “Goldman: ‘The Market Is Moving From TINA To FOMO’

  1. FOMO has some seasonal dependence. At this point in early November, if the manager didn’t go to positioning extremes during the year, most portfolios should be looking pretty good on a YTD basis – after all, we’ve been in an “everything worked” period. Most managers are wishing the year could end now. So the motivation to up risk and chase performance is reduced, and the desire to protect the years’ gains is palpable. How about FOFU (Fear Of F____g Up).

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