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Only ‘Friendly’ Questions Were Allowed At Trump, Erdogan Press Conference

"I hear it's a joke".

"I hear it's a joke".
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1 comment on “Only ‘Friendly’ Questions Were Allowed At Trump, Erdogan Press Conference

  1. I watched it. Every word coming out of Erdogan’s mouth was a lie or misleading.
    All the numbers and statistics were untrue- total govt. propaganda.
    Most of the money spent on the refuges came from EU.
    There is a repressive air against the Jews and Christians flaring up in different parts of the country.
    It’s a showmanship on Erdogans part claiming initatives to build or rebuid churches.
    Thousands of people are in over capacity jails including journalists ( highest in the world), teachers, students, judges, military, and high-school students.
    Trump is a piece of S..**t for accepting this Islamic dictator who took Turkey back 100 years.
    He has amassed millions of dollars of illegal kickbacks abroad including in U.S.

    Like Trump, who will be impeached and removed from office, Erdogan’s days are fast approaching.

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