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Hevrin Khalaf Too Dead To Thank Mike Pompeo For ‘Saving Lives’ In Syria Amid Turkey Invasion

"I am highly confident that we saved lives".

Admittedly, we didn't have high hopes for what CNBC billed as a "wide-ranging" interview with Mike Pompeo, who by some accounts knowingly presided over an intimidation campaign at the State department and refused to protect career diplomats like Marie Yovanovitch from political persecution. The first clips from the chat found Pompeo admonishing China for taking an adversarial approach to US companies expressing solidarity with the Hong Kong protesters. With all due respect to the demonstrators, it's wholly disingenuous for Pompeo (or any other US official or lawmaker for that matter) to act as though the Trump administration would be totally fine with pro-democracy protesters ransacking an American city and attacking police with Molotov cocktails. One could argue that Beijing has shown remarkable restraint in not directly intervening. Based on the exchange around Hong Kong, it didn't appear that CNBC’s Wilfred Frost was prepared to push Pompeo very hard on sensitive subjects. But in a testament to the notion that you can't judge an interview by a few promo clips any more than you can judge a book by its cover, Frost in fact pressed Pompeo very hard on at least one issue - Syria
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2 comments on “Hevrin Khalaf Too Dead To Thank Mike Pompeo For ‘Saving Lives’ In Syria Amid Turkey Invasion

  1. mfn says:

    Pompeo is trying to play the long game here. He thinks he’s smarter than Trump, smarter than Pence, smarter than Romney and Little Marco and all the other would-be Republican pretenders to the thrown and can bullshit his way under, around, and through this shitshow without any of it sticking to him. He’s not that smart. Or believable. He’s a liar and a hypocrite and is going down with the rest of them. God willing (right, Mike).

  2. Bryanb says:

    It seems that West point is failing horribly in creating men of integrity or even people with a little military knowledge

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