Mike Pence Completes America’s Betrayal Of Kurds, Strikes Devil’s Bargain With Erdogan

Mike Pence, speaking from the US Embassy in Turkey on Thursday, said he and Mike Pompeo successfully negotiated a ceasefire in northern Syria during a meeting with Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Turkish military operations across the border will be suspended for 120 hours, Pence said, during which time no further sanctions on Turkey will be imposed. Once a permanent ceasefire is in place, the sanctions announced by Steve Mnuchin earlier this week will be lifted. Halkbank (which was charged in the Reza
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2 thoughts on “Mike Pence Completes America’s Betrayal Of Kurds, Strikes Devil’s Bargain With Erdogan

  1. Once trump is impeached, hopefully in a matter of weeks, there is the related issue that pence is guilty of obstruction and the GOP party has been totally support of madness for years — so, as trump goes out, who comes in to fill that vacuum? Does the GOP have anyone that seems remotely honest or respectable? Then, that quagmire connects to the election next year, i.e., if the current corrupt administration is held accountable for their deeds, can the GOP launch a legitimate candidate in time? Additionally, the Democrats, who are going through a legitimate impeachment process will expose mass fraud and crime within the GOP organization. Is the GOP smart enough to run someone like Romney, who would actually be symbolic in terms of being more honest and a leader, or does everyone shift to the hard left and embrace the morons from the Democratic list of losers that have no chance of winning? In an interesting twist to this ugly period of American history, with trump as the villain, it’s almost crazy to see that the GOP could come out as the winner — if they dump trump ASAP. America might even embrace someone like Mitt with the Dems controlling House and Senate, a sort of nice lame duck time to rebuild America — after the MAGA nightmare!

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