Trump To Lindsey Graham: ‘Plenty Of Time To Do Dastardly Things’ To The Iranians

Trump To Lindsey Graham: ‘Plenty Of Time To Do Dastardly Things’ To The Iranians

Donald Trump spoke to reporters in Los Angeles on Wednesday alongside new national security advisor Robert O'Brien. Predictably, the president said something that was all at once unnerving and hilarious, depending on how inclined you are to be concerned that America is on the brink of stumbling into a war with Iran. A bit of context is in order. On Tuesday, staunch Trump supporter (some would just call him a sycophant) Lindsey Graham suggested Iran viewed the president's last minute decision t
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7 thoughts on “Trump To Lindsey Graham: ‘Plenty Of Time To Do Dastardly Things’ To The Iranians

  1. What’s the best guess on what response Saudi/US will unveil? Assuming both are trying to find a tough-looking response that doesn’t lead to hundreds of Iranian missiles coming in from the north (or Northwest, or West, or Northeast, or whatever the way to Iran is – this seems remarkably hard to pin down).

    Economic sanctions, cyberstrikes, stern lectures, noisily beefing up Saudi defenses. Hard to spin this as strength through doing nothing, but Trump could say the Saudis told him to stand down this time but you just wait until next time.
    Bomb some Houti fighters, or anyway some people who are generally in the area where Houti fighters might be or have been? That would be easy, the Saudis could do it, wouldn’t trigger any immediate Iranian response, beyond smirking.
    Strike some Iranian radars and missile batteries, kind of like dusting off the strike that Trump called off a few months ago. Also fairly easy, the Saudis would probably beg off and let the US do it, might trigger some Iranian response but probably not a full-blown war.
    Stepped up naval action in the strait, like seizing ships sailing from Iran. Not that easy, would put US ships in harms’ way, eventually we’d get to find out just how dangerous it is for ships to operate in narrow waters lined with anti-ship missile threats. But a naval action sounds impressive, lots of photo-op potential, and it can be quietly ramped down after a few weeks.

  2. The way these things work…….. there are backroom channels at work with both Russia and China both having likely issued mutual threats/warnings.
    Until you get an agreed on scenario do not forget the Iranians can go rogue and delete any of that anytime . Israel for that matter can create a diversionary conflict….in the Golan or Syria… Lots of Players here and lots of motivations making a lack of a coordinated response a potential disaster with great potential for a spillover.

  3. Kind of ironic that Trump has been whinging about the Deep State for two and a half years and now that it truly is mobliilizing against him, he has nothing to say about it.

  4. What is O’Brian’s background?? Is he intelligence, military, State Department?? Does he have a working relationship with military and intelligence?? Is he qualified to be the National Security Advisor to the military and intelligence agencies?? Or is he just another Trump ‘Yes’ man??

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