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Draghi Sees Scope For New QE To Last ‘Quite A Long Time’ As ECB Slashes All Inflation Forecasts

"QE-Infinity" is real - with a caveat.

"QE-Infinity" is real - with a caveat.
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7 comments on “Draghi Sees Scope For New QE To Last ‘Quite A Long Time’ As ECB Slashes All Inflation Forecasts

  1. Brian K says:

    Can someone help me understand why EU just doesn’t give everyone $1000 / month freedom dividend if they are so concerned with not enough inflation? Doesn’t doing QE benefit the wealthy only?

    • Harvey Cotton says:

      They could try, but it would be very, um, technocratic and complicated – totally beyond your kith and ken. The European Central Bank has been crushing it for two decades, if you disregard the anemic growth, same inflation results, warped economic incentives, and elections dominated by Communists, Nazis, and Pirates, and your idea would be, uh, bad…

    • DoubleB says:

      Can they? Wouldn’t that be under the purview of the member states? Regardless, even if the EU doesn’t have that authority, nothing is stopping individual countries from doing that.

  2. J says:

    Europe is pathetic. Talk about beating a dead horse…

  3. uptownguy says:

    ““The ECB has QE headroom for quite a long time”, Draghi went on to muse”. Translation: we are now officially Japan.

  4. nostradamus jr says:

    Doesn’t this open up the window for a currency war? With disinflation isn’t it possible that lower interest rates will support stronger dollars, because bonds — and bonds will have less future value??? Isn’t it possible that trump will see this as an act of war?

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