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Trump Blasts ‘Weak Companies’, ‘Fed Problem’ ‘Crazy’ Euro In Traditional Friday Meltdown

"Sounds good, doesn’t it?"

"Sounds good, doesn’t it?"
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6 comments on “Trump Blasts ‘Weak Companies’, ‘Fed Problem’ ‘Crazy’ Euro In Traditional Friday Meltdown

  1. Hmm, who to believe? Trump and Navarro or a dozen Fed governors who have actually been successful in business. Tough one.

  2. Harvey Cotton

    Man, I remember when Presidents were considered by political scientists to be formally weak in the American system – where they had to use soft power and influence accrued by credibility and above-water poll numbers to gently guide all of the competing poles of power in a huge, federated, diffuse country in order to steer policy and avoid irrelevance.

    Twitter is a hell of a thing.

  3. Actually he meant raining….lol…..would be in harmony with the rest of his rantings ……….

  4. Maybe he meant reigning, I mean he does think he is King!

  5. Lance Manly


    I think he was referring to Stormy riding him around the hotel room

  6. hotel hotline


    See; Russian hookers

    See: trump

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