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Trump Decries ‘Major Violation’ As ‘Excessive’, ‘Abnormal’ FX Moves Presage All-Out Currency War

"With a sense of urgency"...

"With a sense of urgency"...
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5 comments on “Trump Decries ‘Major Violation’ As ‘Excessive’, ‘Abnormal’ FX Moves Presage All-Out Currency War

  1. Yeah, but trade wars are easy to win. And we have Peter Navarro on our side. LOL.

  2. Harvey Cotton

    Jane Margolis and Heisenberg seem to me to share a very consistent writing style, sharing a lot of lexicon and diction. Either Heisenberg demands consistent production from his contributors, or there is a Dread Pirate Roberts situation going on.

    By and by, why Jane Margolis as a nom de plume, considering her fate and Walt’s role in it? Why not Kim Wexler? Hell, Skyler White would’ve been better in my humble opinion.

    • Hey Harvey, is that the stick in the eye for H…today..He might be busy today as I don’t see a response yet…….

    • If Walt found someone who writes as well and as snarky as he does, he’s struck gold.

    • I had actually forgotten about this character. And that’s a bit of disconnect, given that she writes well. So I think she needs something stronger & more memorable. Perhaps getting away from the BB theme. How about Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad?

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