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There Goes 7! Chinese Yuan Sinks To Record Low As Beijing Strikes Back

Strap in.

Strap in.
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6 comments on “There Goes 7! Chinese Yuan Sinks To Record Low As Beijing Strikes Back

  1. Anonymous

    Cheaper imports and a strong dollar will keep the Americans at the Dollar stores from rioting and destroying the cities. The strong dollar must continue to appreciate for if prices were to rise that would spell the end. This is good news, let them depreciate their currencies. I love cheap stuff!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Soon with all the world’s bond markets under 0% the proverbial putting one’s currencies under the mattresses will again come back in vogue. Who the hell wants to pay money to save money????

  3. Anonymous

    Perfect time for the Federal Reserve to sell as many treasurys they have accumulated during this QE madness and keep selling until rates rise above 3.5% I would do that if I was in charge. I’d SELL IT ALL all 4 trillion if that is what it takes to get rates up in this mad mad world

  4. Anonymous

    Rare earths don’t rise to the nuclear level?

  5. Buying Iranian Oil and Rare Earths may just be smart bomb stock piles.

    Gold futures up oil futures down.

  6. bitterpill

    Meanwhile: Maya MacGuineas, president of the nonpartisan budget watchdog Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, called the latest budget deal “a total abdication of fiscal responsibility by Congress and the President.”

    What’s clear is the backdrop puts the $15.9 trillion Treasury market on course to balloon in the next couple of years.

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