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Surprise! Trump Funnels Vast Majority Of $8 Billion In Farmer Bailouts To Wealthy, White Men

Shocking, we know.

Markets weren't particularly enamored with Donald Trump's latest attacks on China, which found the US president railing about broken promises and boasting of America's economic prowess in a series of irritated Tuesday tweets. After the initial barrage, he followed up with more. "China has lost 5 million jobs and two million manufacturing jobs due to the Trump Tariffs", he said, apparently paraphrasing Fox News's assessment of his trade policies. "Trump's got China back on its heels, and the United States is doing great", he continued, referring to himself in the third person, as he's wont to do. Read more: Trump Furious With China For Not ‘Following Through’ On Farm Promise They Never Made The president's frustration stems at least in part from what the White House says is foot-dragging by China on alleged promises Xi made to purchase large quantities of US farm products. As noted in the linked post above, it's never been entirely clear what promises (if any) the Chinese delegation actually made in Osaka late last month. Anything they did agree to was likely contingent upon some kind of reciprocation from the US, and although the Trump administration has repeatedly indicat
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3 comments on “Surprise! Trump Funnels Vast Majority Of $8 Billion In Farmer Bailouts To Wealthy, White Men

  1. mfn says:

    But, wait, he’s the “least racist person in the world.” LOL.

  2. Billy Oxygen says:

    Oh shucks in front of a camera or microphone and on Sunday’s in mixed company, teeing off on the premium courses m-f. Very good universities for their children, the best horses and trailers. Their culture should be funded by gawd!

    If it were not for the EWG, nobody would know any difference. Even without the tariffs focus EWG data speaks volumes year after year, to those who happen to listen.

    They claim they hate being on the dole via tariffs, yet they still love them some Trump. In my experience they are contriving lot regardless of who is in power.

  3. Privateer says:

    The key problem here is that Trump is used to only negotiating people who desperately need his money or his name and China needs neither.

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