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The Fact That Larry Kudlow Keeps Saying ‘Jerome Powell’s Job Is Safe’ Is Proof Positive That It Isn’t

Think about this for a minute, will you?

Think about this for a minute, will you?
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5 comments on “The Fact That Larry Kudlow Keeps Saying ‘Jerome Powell’s Job Is Safe’ Is Proof Positive That It Isn’t

  1. A little early tp ponder ,but… if Hair-on-fire is defeated and a Democrat is elected. Which, if any, of Trump’s cabinet would be asked to participate in the handing over of the reins so the new people could come up to speed on where the specific department is currently at?

  2. The Fed operates by vote, correct? If Trump fires or demotes Powell, and if (big if) the courts uphold it, the Senate will probably refuse to confirm a fruitcake. Someone at least reasonably credentialed is likely to be the next Fed Chairman. The rest of the voting members will probably push harder for the Fed’s independence. Damage will be done to the Fed as an institution and to market confidence. I’m not convinced the Fed will obediently deliver multiple cuts just because Powell gets demoted.

  3. PaulMiller

    Trump wins both ways: Powell will succumb to pressure from the rest of the world, and from Wall Street and even Main Street, and lower rates. And Powell still takes the fall if the economy under performs. Trump wants , no NEEDS, Powell to stay.

  4. Is it just me that thinks that Jellen looks smarter each day that goes by?

  5. Harvey Darrow Cotton

    Oh, Trump does stuff he can’t do all the time. He flouts nepotism laws, he disregards the Hatch Act, broke the law in bypassing the chain of command in the Consumer Affairs Protection Agency, has one person run multiple offices at the same time, replaced Constitutional Officers with people not confirmed by the Senate, destroyed the independence of the Justice Department, turned the Senate into a majoritarian Privy Council, spends money on projects not funded by Congress, unilaterally imposes taxes on anything he wants on national security grounds, declares everything else a national emergency, criminalized civil misdemeanors, ignored torture prohibitions, installed concentration camps, did witness tampering on Twitter, ignores pardon protocols, obstructs justice, doesn’t faithfully execute the laws,…

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