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Trump’s ‘Key Worry’ On China May Not Be IP Theft Or 5G, One Bank Says

Food for thought.

Food for thought.
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2 comments on “Trump’s ‘Key Worry’ On China May Not Be IP Theft Or 5G, One Bank Says

  1. About time someone took this seriously. China is a huge threat to our national security.

    • I agree, perhaps for a different reason. Our increasing and more generalized isolation is not going to protect us from the free reign that gives to China and the rest of the world as we disengage. If i ran a big US company caught in this increasingly sticky tar pit of a trade war I’d simply move my charter to Bermuda and out of the jurisdiction of this crap. We think only the US has real technology and other juicy things others crave. We sound like Frank in the old TV MASH episode where he was ranting that we had to stop the North Koreans because they wanted our toilets, When Kissinger was asked how to attain world peace he said we needed to make sure everybody was economically dependent on everybody else. If we leave the field, the rest will still be there making money and gaining control of critical knowledge at our expense. That threatens our security. If China walks away from us, and they probably will, it’s going to be because they don’t need us all that much any more. That’s scares me.

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