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Mexico Confirms Trump Lied About Farm Purchases – There Is No Such Deal

Art of the no deal.

Art of the no deal.
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6 comments on “Mexico Confirms Trump Lied About Farm Purchases – There Is No Such Deal

  1. Here’s why this matters in respect to China, because really China is the real issue; it paints trump into a corner even more. It will be significantly more difficult for trump to lie about a fake deal with China coming out of the G20 meeting in a few weeks.

  2. Lying liars gotta lie. Trump is a deeply disturbed man.

  3. Once the news are out, fake or not, algos act on it, and everything else becomes irrilevant. Because the first push is the trade on the news no matter if relevant or fake, then gamma hedging, technical traders, risk parity funds, amplify the initial thrust, and market becomes directional with no middle way, either straight down or straight up. Those guys who solds calls don’t care anything if this news on Mexico is reliable or not, fact is that the market received a push and they have to cover. The opposite occurs when it goes down, all rushing to cover puts. The best way to trade these markets is to buy if it goes up, sell if it goes down, close the computer, go out and take a walk. Never think it’s down too much or it’s up too much, it will go on, with almost no pullback or bounce.

    • Anonymous

      Good assessment Franceska

    • 100% right.
      Look at the pre-market, follow the crowd, take a profit (or not), on the open, find something else to do for the rest of the day. I am not a fortune teller (pun intended).

      PS: Glad you changed your avatar. In the old one, I thought you were giving the “you are # 1” finger.

  4. Anonymous

    I’m just surprised that Trump didn’t announce that he’d got Mexico to agree to pay for his wall before he’d lift tariffs. How did he miss that opportunity?

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