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Shots Fired: China Ignores Trump Threat, Retaliates, Teases Treasury Nuke

And now, things get interesting.

And now, things get interesting.
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6 comments on “Shots Fired: China Ignores Trump Threat, Retaliates, Teases Treasury Nuke

  1. Looks like we are at the mercy of Trump’s response. I’m sure he will do what is best for the US and his precious Market. I’m relying on his awesome business and negotiating skills to get us through this 😉

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately, this is turning into a scenario where DJT is effectively managing my equity portfolio. Not sure he would ever be my choice for that job. Time to start managing my money in a different way, I’ve had enough fun already…

  2. Can someone explain how China devaluing their currency is bad for the US and good for China? Wouldn’t that basically cause China to take the hit of the tariffs instead of US companies and consumers?

  3. Anonymous

    All good news. Keep selling tyat Nasdaq!! Lot more downside left…. Long long long overdue

  4. monkfelonious

    Wow, where did you get that old picture of Louis Rukeyser?

  5. Anonymous

    Hope Eric made a bunch, first on the downside and then the long, last week. Hope those shorts were in this morning. The Trumps are such a bunch of crooks and I still hope that New York state puts them all behind bars for a long time.

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