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‘This Trade War Has Been Personalized’: One Bank Frets Over ‘Totally Unexpected’ Escalations

"We must approach our analysis with humility".

"We must approach our analysis with humility".
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4 comments on “‘This Trade War Has Been Personalized’: One Bank Frets Over ‘Totally Unexpected’ Escalations

  1. I guess the question becomes ….When does unorthodox and unpredictable suddenly become merely Ego Driven and totally predictable because of inherent absurdity…???

  2. Mikey Mike

    If YOU were China, how would YOU handle this? The dumpster-fire that is this white house believes they hold all the cards that really matter. I think China holds more cards than they may give themselves credit for…

    Sure the US is important. But China has been working overtime the past 20 yrs to make the US a-little-less-important, in the big scheme of things. If I were China… I may just quietly walk away from Trump for now, sell some treasuries and use those proceeds as necessary to continue to build-out it’s economy, belt & road, & world trade to further insure against any single “one-nation issue”.

    But that’s me, and I have less than complete info on what China wants or needs out of this negotiation.

    Never enter a negotiation you’re not prepared to walk away from.

    • Indeed, China has a strategy. A well-thought plan and decent execution. Trump has no strategy beyond pleasing his base and has encircled himself with a real band of fringe morons. Just pray Trump goes away in 2020 cause the damage he’s already inflicted is real but hard to measure. I suspect 4 more years and that won’t be the case.

  3. Anonymous

    I think he views this in a 2020 lens. Continue to use China as a foil. No deal? That’s fine because Tariff Man The Orange Blob will fight for us and not sell us out. A deal they would do will not change anything so why do a “deal”? Unless the markets tank then do a phony deal and tell the people it is great. It is all luv oki theatre folks.

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