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Here Are The Macro And Market Implications Of Three Main Trade War Scenarios

"Risk of global recession".

"Risk of global recession".
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8 comments on “Here Are The Macro And Market Implications Of Three Main Trade War Scenarios

  1. Why otherwise bright people would assume, at this point in his Presidency, that Trump is a rational actor is beyond me. He’s not playing 9 dimensional chess in preparation for 2020. He’s miffed about various things, including China’s apparent effort to renegotiate some portions of the trade talks, and is taking it all out on the Chinese.

    There are trades to be made with Trump in office if you can figure out how to get into the mindset of an upset 8 year old who didn’t get ice cream for dessert.

    • I would like to send him ice creams !

    • Anonymous

      “(Trump) is taking it all out on the Chinese.”
      Unfortunately he’s taking it out on American business and the consumer too. We end up paying for his personal battles.
      On the positive side, if there is one, maybe the Chinese will stop forced technology transfer. LOL

      • Anonymous

        Who makes companies enter the Chinese market? Only the greed of the BODs/shareholders. If you know China will steal your IP, don’t go there. If you want to protect your IP and hence your long-term strategic advantages, stay home. But, don’t try to have your cake and then whine when they copy it and run to the government for help like your some passive victim! It’s reflective of our society as a whole and it’s SAD!
        The SA

  2. monkfelonious

    It’s pretty amazing that an actual dildo has such sway. I’m hoping that in the future we are all merely amused by this passing fancy. How is it possible that we are led by someone that can’t even form a proper sentence? Jeezus, even Adolf and Benito could write.

    • Anonymous

      I’m afraid I have to disagree with you there. An actual dildo would be far more useful and would be much more likely to bring someone happiness.

  3. jamaican

    @DoubleB: probably because many people still hope against hope that there is a shred of rationality left in the president of the USA.
    It IS kinda hard to accept that that’s not the case.
    What really keeps boggling my mind is the fact that he has no tolerance for ambiguity whatsoever.
    Everything is black/white, winner/loser, or, in this case ONLY the Feds fault/nothing to do with China…
    Just like you’d expect from a 9 year old.
    The world needs to understand that the US president is a child (and a spoiled one at that)

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