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Only The Dead Have Seen The End Of (Trade) War

"...will only get worse."

"...will only get worse."
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2 comments on “Only The Dead Have Seen The End Of (Trade) War

  1. Quovadiszero

    I wonder what Ovid’s thoughts on T Rump would have been?

  2. When I see the loyal “patriots” of American agriculture and other followers blindly following their fearless (or is it clueless?) leader into an all-out trade war I can’t help remembering the ill-fated charge of the British Cavalry’s Light Brigade in the Crimean War. Led by Lord Cardigan, who apparently misunderstood the orders of his commander, Lord Raglan, the noble soldiers were cut to ribbons by opposition cannon fire as they charged enemy lines (“Into the valley of death rode the 600”). Today, the only memory of this event for most is that both generals, Raglan and Cardigan, have a type of sweater named after them. I wonder what a Trump sweater will look like?

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