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Trump’s War On Ilhan Omar Is Highly Disconcerting

A perilous, perilous path.

A perilous, perilous path.
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9 comments on “Trump’s War On Ilhan Omar Is Highly Disconcerting

  1. Anonymous

    Trump is a fascist. And a bully. A fascist bully.

  2. Anonymous

    Not able to read the post but it is beyond disconcerting. It borders on the criminal and places her life in danger. Where are all those fair-minded republicans. Oh right, they don’t exist.

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  3. Harvey Darrow Cotton

    Listening to N.P.R., they had a segment when they argued that Ilhan Omar – who is dealing with multiple credible death threats – could have been more articulate. That is indicative of the problem. The media that is not part of the right-wing noise machine has to apportion blame in equal measure for the sake of fake neutrality. ‘Some say death threats are bad, some say she may have deserved it.’ Conservative media have no such compunction, so they drag the conversation to the right. Then, when you talk to people who do not delve into the issue, the kind of people who vaguely maybe recall headlines at best, they will know that Omar is anti-Semitic that minimized 9/11. It is like a real life version of Plato’s shadows on the cave. So Establishment Democrats, instead of pounding the issue of Trump’s responsibility in all this, attack Omar as well, further confusing the issue and muddying the waters. Then, when Trump commits his next inevitable outrage, this will be forgotten and his behaviors become normalized and the Democrats are rendered weak and useless. And should something terrible happen to Mrs. Omar, as is the method of ‘sarcastic terrorism,’ the Republicans will feign outrage at the mere suggestion they are responsible and point to Kathy Griffin or some such. And the media will dutifully and neutrally equate Trump and Kathy Griffin and gnash teeth at the lack of civility ‘on both sides.’

  4. Anonymous

    As a non american, I didn’t realise that one of the stars on the US flag was the star of David. Hell, Israel gets more financial support than Puerto Rico. Personally, I don’t believe that Trump has a plan to test the boundaries, ” to determine just how far gone Americans and their elected representatives are in terms of abiding a demagogue with designs on instituting one-man rule,” but is prepared to say anything that he believes will be applauded by his base. As he’s said, “Ratings are everything”. He reminds me of the bumbling Prime Minister in the British Sitcom “Yes Prime Minister” who claimed, “I’m your leader, I will follow you”.

  5. She is an island surrounded by a sea of hate.

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