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‘They’re Tryin’ To Take Me Out With Bullsh*t’: Trump Delivers Two-Hour, Sweaty Harangue At CPAC

"There are people in Congress who hate America."

"There are people in Congress who hate America."
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5 comments on “‘They’re Tryin’ To Take Me Out With Bullsh*t’: Trump Delivers Two-Hour, Sweaty Harangue At CPAC

  1. Quovadiszero

    “Kind of funny to be “taken out” by the very substance of which he has an endless supply.

  2. It is absolutely ridiculous that he is still referred to as President. Nothing he is doing and saying is in keeping with his Oath of Office. Quite the opposite. He is working hard to undermine our democracy, to cause violent physical altercations, and to slander the members of Congress who are respectfully following procedures.

    I am hoping he is removed from office quickly – rules or no rules – it is abundantly clear he is so far out of line and is now a serious danger to our country! Any Republican that stands to defend him should also be removed.

    If the majority of our government stands by and allows this to continue and some horrible event occurs, then what? Those two hours of screaming and ranting and panting – he is completely out of control. That’s what’s BULLSHIT!

  3. Curt Tyner

    Republicans you have a problem. America we have a bigger problem (one of many for sure) but this is not good for any of us. Talk about losing it, this fool has lost it completely. Just look at the planet’s history and you will see a chilling view of what could happen when someone this deranged is left without a check and some oversight (babysitter).

    The senate republicans better find a way to reel this clown in or he will do something really, really bad with the help of Bolton, Pompeo,Abrams, Miller and any number of warmongering fools running around stirring the pot of America First we can do nothing wrong and you are either with us or against us bullshit.

    This is a train wreck that is speeding up and will end in disaster. Republicans get off your protect my billionaire buddies at all costs and do some thing or everybody will pay dearly for your incompetence.

    Maybe that is the real plan???? God I hope not.

  4. Oh shoot,this is nothin’. Wait till the next economic swoon and the out of control old and new hippies start takin’ to the streets against the dumfarts.
    With the dark webs and improved encryption, Facebook and all the other social chat-about sites will have flash crowds like you’ve never seen.

  5. OK, OK, calm down. I’d had a few shots, done a line or two… I wasn’t at my best. But me not at my best is still better’n the best of the rest at your best. Rest. Best. Ever. MAKE MURICA GREAT AGAIN!

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