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Trump, Corker Feud Spirals Out Of Control As ‘Incompetent Liddle Bob’ Says #AlertTheDaycareStaff


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4 comments on “Trump, Corker Feud Spirals Out Of Control As ‘Incompetent Liddle Bob’ Says #AlertTheDaycareStaff

  1. i’m really hoping for a physical confrontation between them. like how trump pushed his way to the front of the g20 or something like that. that would be the capper, and begin the era of his lame-duckness

  2. Another day of the reality show political contestants playing to the reality show “news” producers. It is not a coincident that contestant feuds in reality show productions are the patent template strategy to emotionally engage the non-critical thinker viewers (Trump base in this case) any more than it is a coincidence that a former (not really) reality show “star”/producer/director is involved.

    I am truly ashamed to admit as an American – how well it has worked so far and worse to contemplate the implications for our country’s lost democracy and its viable future.

  3. A hopeful sign I see is how gawd awful trump looks these days! Looks like all his self-inflicted stress is taking a toll on his fat red saggy face and baggy eyes. Have you noticed that almost no one has stepped up to help defend this moron? Other than Jr who usually inserts foot into mouth during his effort. I am so disappointed in John Kelly – such a good guy and now that trump shit is all over him and he stinks. His time to get his ass out of the mess he created is running out – if he does not correct his comments his reputation will forever be linked as an assistant moron.

  4. Imagine if Corker was one of the 16 other republicans vying for the nomination with low life. We might have had a different outcome.

    I find Corker’s comments to be spot on in that he uses few cutting words to make truthful points that remain with listener as to what is truly happening.

    1. We all want Trump to leave it to the professionals for a while.

    2. Trump is absolutely not a role model.

    3. Trump has great difficulty with the truth on many issues

    4. Trump repeatedly speaks untruthfully

    In the South, Corker has long held established credibility, that’s many miles long and many miles deep.
    He’s a child of the South, with true conservative credentials, and is held in high regard in Tennessee and in the surrounding states.

    Trump on the other hand, has little credibility that’s yards long and an inch deep. Trump is a carpetbagger, his 32%ish favorables supports that view, and he’s held in disrepute by most people rendering a fair and objective view of his performance.

    Trump is a low life, so he gets low marks. What were you expecting? 10s?

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