The Simulated Devil’s Playground

The Simulated Devil’s Playground

Read more from NOTES FROM DISGRACELAND and follow on Twitter 2. IV 2019 Ritual is one of the basic social acts. It is a journey, symbolic or literal, at the end of which the traveler returns to its starting point, but as a transformed subject capable of seeing the context with different eyes and a new perspective afforded by the experience of the journey. It is a cleansing of the social palate before commencing the new stage of life. Rituals are mechanisms that convert the obligatory into t
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3 thoughts on “The Simulated Devil’s Playground

  1. Door 3, Monty? “Semiotic excess – lies, deceit, nonsense, and propaganda – has the main purpose of perpetuating the ritual, sustaining liminality, and suspending the rules, while palpable falsehoods become articles of faith.” Is Trump an idiot savant, or has he actually read Weber, Bauman, and Zizek?

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