The Poverty Of Tech And The Tech Of Poverty

It was one of those rainy and damp days, I was finding my way out of the F-train subway on Bergen St. in Brooklyn. On the mezzanine level, in the corner of the stairwell, I noticed a young man, couldn’t have been much older than 30….


Look! Egregious Inequality In America

Fortunately, I know just the man to fix this problem…

American Corrida And The Reconstitution Of The State

“We have reached the point of self-intoxication when inner contradictions of the system, which previously could be temporarily ignored, are taking over. The system has exhausted itself – it has collapsed under its own weight.”

‘Capitalist Suicide’: What’s Wrong With This Chart?

Grab the torches and the pitchforks.

For The First Time In Modern History, A Better Future Is Not The Base Case

“For any ideology the gradient between the present and the future has always had to be positive.”

One Hundred Years Of Solitude: 1917 — 2017

“Extrapolation of the capitalist experience so far indicates that it is working for a progressively smaller segment of its population. At some point, its main problem will have to become its legitimation in the context of liberal democratic mode of social organization.”

Criminalization Of The Globe And Globalization Of Crime

“As a form of collateral/insurance creditors have been or will be granted access to domestic policy and guaranteed influence over decision making institutions in general. In this way, global oligarchy becomes a stake holder in the US government. This is where things become complicated further and problems deeper.”

Disaster Capitalism

“This is the most amazing thing about capitalism, which transcends anything seen across different ideologies, religions or philosophical systems. It has a metabolism of a super-adaptive virus, an absolutely magical property.”

The Politics Of Time

“Money confuses time with itself — money culture recognizes no currency but its own. Waiting is assigned to the poor and powerless so as to ritualistically reinforce social and political demarcation.”

A Brief History Of The Next 30 Years

“Capitalism is exiting the historical scene. However, before it disappears, capitalism will continue to inhabit the world of undead.”

Guest Post: Heroin & Non-Consensual Capitalism

“Three decades of heroin price history parallel the transformation of the neoliberal state and society. It tells an interesting story of business, politics, economics, globalization, and governmentality.”