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Andrew McCabe Has Seen Things You Wouldn’t Even Believe, Ok?

"Not good, not good." 

"Not good, not good." 
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5 comments on “Andrew McCabe Has Seen Things You Wouldn’t Even Believe, Ok?

  1. Person Of Interest A: Do we have grounds to consider invoking the 25th here?
    Person Of Interest B: No, I don’t think so
    Person Of Interest A: Oh. Okay
    Idiot Congressman C: They attempted a coup!!!

  2. Lance Manly

    All you can do is laugh.

    Well, in this case, that’s all you can do…

  3. NO WRONGDOING! NOT EVER! My doings have always been righteous. I swear unto almighty jebus and strike me dead if I lie.BTW, does anyone know if a … ‘president’, let’s say, can ‘pre-pardon’ himself now, for after the SHTF? Asking for a friend.

  4. “We’re a democracy. People enforce the law, can’t take it into their own hands.”

    Oh Lindsey… poor choice of words. Isn’t that precisely why they would want to replace Trump under the 25th? How is invoking the 25th not following the law, anyway?

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