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Trade Hopes Dashed As Trump-Xi Meeting ‘Unlikely’ Before Deadline

Womp, womp. 

Update:  Trump has since confirmed this. Now the President says he'll meet Xi "later". That would appear to suggest that the deadline will be extended, but then again, who knows. As documented below, there will be another round of talks between now and then, so things could still go off the rails if structural issues aren't addressed/resolved. Earlier: Amid the ongoing rally in risk assets catalyzed almost entirely by the Fed (and now helped along by dovish leans from a number of central banks), concerns about the feasibility of the US and China resolving the trade dispute ahead of the March deadlined have lingered. And understandably so. After all, the structural issues and/or "the main sticking points" (if you like) are intractable and even if they aren't, the idea that Washington and Beijing were going to come to terms on IP theft, forced technology transfer and China's subsidizing of local industry in the space of 90 days was always absurd. Just about the only person willing to admit as much was Wilbur Ross, whose obliviousness sometimes produces rare moments of transparency from an otherwise opaque administration. Here's what Wilbur said late last month during the same i
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4 comments on “Trade Hopes Dashed As Trump-Xi Meeting ‘Unlikely’ Before Deadline

  1. TronaldDump says:

    Tarrifs! A surefire way to prosperity! Yeehah!

  2. Brian K says:

    Winning! Trade wars are easy to win!

  3. mfn says:

    It’s called playing the long con. Grifter Don has perfected the technique.

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