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‘Use It And Pray’: Trump Begs Rep. Christ (D – Nazareth) To Build His Wall

"No doubt!"

"No doubt!"
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5 comments on “‘Use It And Pray’: Trump Begs Rep. Christ (D – Nazareth) To Build His Wall

  1. Some of the crap that comes out of his mouth really amazes me that people even listen to him. He is as phony about religion as he is about politics and everything else that he believes he is the absolute best at being.

    This wall obsession and how far he is taking it and how he is hurting millions of people and the entire United States with absolutely no regard to their daily lives and safety of their families is evidence of what he cares about and it ain’t any of us! I believe this vile man will step over dead bodies, blaming them for their demise, and continue with his stand-off. Winning at any cost keeps him motivated.

    There is no limit to his disgusting behavior and yet he still sits in the White House.

    • Honestly says volume about a huge swath of the American population. For years politicians (republicans) have been able to get people to support and vote against their own interests through clever marketing and bullshit.

      Trump just takes this to the next level. Are we really surprised? Keep your population dumb and blind long enough and this is the result. The one shining grace is this 2 (4?) year charade may shock people out of blindness and stupidity. (Until the next generation at least)

      But that’s probably wishful thinking.

      • Tend to agree with you but have doubts about waking up the public any time soon as long as the primary product this country produces is entertainment sports events and advertising..The media is complicit with the process of obfuscating issue and distracting the same public. Watch as they walk and drive the streets and sidewalks with one eye on their hand held device…
        Will take a drastic event to change current patterns..Trump is just chatter in the background symptomatic of social decay..

        • Don’t even get me started on people’s ridiculous junior high school addiction to facebook and other social media connections. geesh.

          H would have to start a new blog on the destruction of our society and how the out of control unlimited without moderation comments have given rise to violent and racist and discontent individuals finding others of like behavior.

          We are like a huge beehive, full of incredible intelligent friendly beings, working together and growing stronger – even producing a healthy honey product . . . until some chump comes along and pokes the hive with stick. In this scenario, trump is only the stick.

  2. At what point are people going to tune him out? Seriously, it seems like the crazy uncle saying some weird shit and everyone justs says “Don is just not doing so well lately, just pay attention to something else and let him be”.

    Little of what he spews has any real meaning or substance. It is getting really old.

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