A Glowing-Orange Trump Delivers Nothing’berder’ Shutdown Plan

If there was anything at all notable about Donald Trump’s “proposal” to end the government shutdown, it was that he successfully read a speech about immigration from a teleprompter without going off on a tangent about women “tied up in vans“.

Don’t get me wrong, there was plenty of fearmongering. He played the rape card, he invoked “youman trafficking” and he mentioned the “ruthless coyotes” again. But it wasn’t nearly as bad as the horror story he regaled America with from the Oval Office earlier this month.

Also worth mentioning: he managed to get through the entire 13-minute address without too much sniffing and without succumbing to one of those acute bouts of dry mouth that produced his infamous “United Shhhates” debacle.

Other than that, Saturday’s address was largely pointless. Trump, donning a particularly offensive shade of burnt-orange makeup which served to accentuate the ghostly white circles around his eye sockets, parroted a series of talking points (which, hilariously, he insisted “aren’t talking points”) on the way to making the same old proposal.

There were some details (I wouldn’t be so generous as to use the word “nuance”) but the gist of it is that he pledged to protect Dreamers for three years if somebody (anybody, really) will give him $5.7 billion for his wall. He explicitly said it wouldn’t be a “sea-to-sea concrete barrier”, and he reiterated the whole “see-through steel” characterization something that, at this point, isn’t even good for a laugh anymore.

As noted here on a couple of occasions this week, opinion polls show that the majority of Americans blame Trump (and the GOP) for the shutdown. That’s understandable because, well, because this:

It’s beyond parody.

Trump also offered a similar three-year extension of Temporary Protected Status for some 300,000 people who face deportation otherwise.

Bottom line: Trump is torn on this whole thing. On one hand, America generally blames him for the shutdown, but on the other hand, support for the wall has gone up. Conservative pundits, knowing Trump is listening/watching, have spent the last month piling on, where that means manipulating him by suggesting that if he caves on the wall, he’s reneging on a promise to his base.

Ann Coulter, for instance, isn’t amused:


Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi called the proposal a “non-starter” before Trump even delivered his address, so again, it’s not clear what the point was. All he’s managed to do now is infuriate hardline conservatives while simultaneously reiterating his demand for a wall that Democrats simply aren’t going to allow him to build, no matter whether it’s made out of concrete, steel or “hamberders.”

So, look forward to the shutdown dragging on for another several weeks – or until Trump is impeached. Whichever comes first.

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6 thoughts on “A Glowing-Orange Trump Delivers Nothing’berder’ Shutdown Plan

  1. Yea, I’m getting full posts for a fleeting moment. Only one question, who is the bigger cunt, Donald Trump or Ann Coulter? Answer: Ann Coulter, Trump is just the taint.

  2. …and then, late afternoon today, he stood in front of cameras on the lawn and bragged about how the wall in San Antonio is proof that it lowers crime rate — yes, he did say that. Even said that San Antonio went from one of the most unsafe cities in America to one of the safest, immediately, immediately. There’s probably a clip somewhere all over Google. His ignorance and lies have sucked all the energy from me today. phuck him.

    1. well that made me smile first thing this morning – thanks! Have you ever seen the Alamo, in person not a TV version? Very small and the city surrounds it. Interesting to see and walk thru it — then go to the RiverWalk – beautiful and peaceful – good food too!

      So I have attached a link most of you will understand it is only joking but also mostly accurate map of San Antonio, from https://texashillcountry.com/judgmental-map-san-antonio/ and some required reading a couple more things there – scroll down past the scary as hell snake and see the State of Texas wildflowers in full bloom, a really spectacular sight – and just for grins, keep scrolling and see the pile of snakes that would really be a better “wall” to keep those smuggling drug dealing varmints from crossing the border! If you scroll thru the entire article you will get to Houston and I was sorely disappointed there was not a creative map of Houston!

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