De-Globalization And The Path To Ruin – Random Thoughts On A Friday

De-Globalization And The Path To Ruin – Random Thoughts On A Friday

Barring some kind of dramatic turn (which I suppose we should all just assume is coming given what we've seen in December), Friday is likely to be a "random musings" day from me. We're still mired in the holidays (and only a hermit like myself would use the word "mired" in the same sentence as "holidays") and the flow of interesting analyst commentary has slowed to a trickle. Trump is (still) shrieking on Twitter but as mentioned early Friday morning, his rantings have become so cartoonish tha
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4 thoughts on “De-Globalization And The Path To Ruin – Random Thoughts On A Friday

  1. I don’t think anything really went wrong in 2018 when I view this on a longer Timeline… What went wrong over this longer time frame just hatched in that particular year.
    A wise old Steel Barron once warned me at a time when my career was in it’s fledgling phase that “all growth is temporary ” and to look for signs of that transition as I went forward. I did and he was right in his assessments. His words can be applied to the game of Empire that we are engaged in over the last seven or so decades. America is a debtor Nation , as well as a consumer Nation that produces a Pseudo Culture sold to any bidder. The Military rules after the Dollar Hegemony Dies for perhaps another 20 years.
    Trump’s Election to the Presidency is symptomatic in a Historical sense to the transition of the Empires that preceded this one.

    There are choices if Hubris does not rule. These words are merely year end musings as we view the battle from the hilltops..

    1. Not my first choice, but rule by generals sounds better than rule by far-right evangelical zealots. I might not care for Mattis and what he represents, but I wouldn’t fear for my life/rights if I met him in a dark alley. Can’t say the same about Pence et al.

    2. huh? How about this explanation — we are in this mess due to trump being elected by a minority of the citizens of America. The majority really believed that such a despicable man could ever “win” and become the President of America. The de-stabilization of our economy and trade and status on the world stage is a direct result of that illegal election. His ignorance and incompetence is shocking and overwhelming!

      This country did not naturally evolve into this predicament regardless of how many ways you try to explain it, using too many words. You and trump both should stop capitalizing words unnecessarily.

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